Our Latest Offering


148-Unit | Class B Asset

  • 20%+ Average Annual Return.

  • 7.5%+ Average Annual Cash Return.

  • 2x Capital Over Hold of Investment.

Compass Heights is a beautiful 148-unit property located in Chattanooga, TN. This is being sold by distressed owners struggling with bridge loans in their portfolio at an incredible basis with a great opportunity to go in and increase value through management and renovation.

Why We Love The Deal!

  1. Basis - Distressed seller who is primarily a developer and struggling with bridge and construction loans across portfolio - buying at 108k a unit - CoStar predicts this area/vintage to be going for 200k a unit in 5 years.

  2. Buying in Chattanooga - poised right in the middle of boom markets Nashville and Atlanta, experiencing incredible growth, the fastest growing city in Tennessee.

  3. Cash Flow - Value add play makes for nearly 8% average cash flow, 4%+ Year 1, over 8%+ year 2 on.

  4. Value Add - easy opportunity to renovate units to bring rents up $175-275.

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