Managing Partner | Private Equity

A 2nd generation real estate investor. While spending nearly 30 years in the music and audio entertainment industry as a performer, mix engineer and sound designer for Global Brands, Bands & Networks such as Shania Twain, WarnerBros. Discovery & NASCAR, Brent has always kept a pulse on residential investing thru flips, short-term rentals and new construction.

However, it was his passion for multifamily properties that led him to shift his focus to apartment buildings and complexes. Thru constant education and mentors, Brent has developed a deep understanding in identifying undervalued properties, vetting lead sponsors and a passion to align investor’s financial goals with the ideal asset.

Our approach to investing is grounded in a commitment to meticulous research and due diligence. My belief that by taking the time to thoroughly analyze market trends, potential risks, and investment opportunities, we can identify the most promising multifamily properties and make smart investment decisions for us and our investors.

In addition to his expertise in real estate, Brent is known for his strong interpersonal skills and his ability to build lasting relationships with his clients and partners. He takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and in working closely with investors to understand their unique goals and objectives.

Today, Brent is a Co-General Partner in over 600 units, and he continues to seek out new investment opportunities that align with his commitment to delivering superior returns for his investors.

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